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Why should you use a Professional Party and Event Planner?

The fact that you are planning a party means that you want to provide an enjoyable, memorable experience for people who are important to you. Making a party is a great way to show your family, friends or business associates that you care about them and want to make them happy. A successful party is a reflection on you and shows people how much you care about their happiness. Using a professional party planner is the key to ensuring that success.  


Perhaps you’ve already given a lot of thought to your party. You know who you’re inviting and whether the party is formal or casual. The party may be a celebration of a birthday, an anniversary or a child becoming a bar or bat mitzvah. Perhaps you’ve thought of a theme for the party that should be reflected in the decorations, the table settings, centerpieces and entrance ways. Maybe you’re planning a carnival or a corporate event and you want a wide selection of games and amusements. Or it’s a child’s party and you need to entertain a group of 5-year olds. You have some good ideas for the party and you’ve taken the time away from your busy schedule to focus on this special event, which is a good start.  


But how much time do you really have to take care of things like:

•    Invitations

•    Flowers

•    Valet parking

•    Transportation for the guests

•    Auditioning bands

•    Calling the references of the DJ, dancers and MCs/motivators

•    Finding a photographer

•    Finding an appropriate venue for the party

•    Centerpieces and decorations

•    Sign-in board

•    Parting gifts

•    Place cards  


A talented, knowledgeable party planner not only knows about a wide variety of performers, florists, caterers, photographers, DJs, etc. but they know what’s appropriate for your party and who are the right people to hire so you don’t have to spend endless hours auditioning and calling references. A good party planner listens to the client’s ideas and requirements, and based on their understanding of what the client is considering, provides them with ideas and professional selections based on their experience and knowledge of the industry.  The party planner will work within the client’s budget and will provide them with the best “package” of services and items that fit that budget.  


For larger events, a good party planner will be on hand to manage the set up and performance of the entertainment, catering and party staff and to see that everything goes according to plan so that the host and/or hostess can relax, enjoy their party and spend time with their guests, which is the true measure of success.   Why not guarantee the success of your party? Let Bubble Gum Party Entertainment, Inc. help make your party as memorable, enjoyable and successful as you had planned.

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